We are a JavaScript studio for agile development. By bringing transparent communication and picking the right tool for the job, we deliver substantial value to new or existing project and respond quickly to ever
changing needs.

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Even though we may make it sound that way, building modern JavaScript applications isn’t easy. We think diverse teams are brilliant teams. That’s why our studio gathers engineers from all kinds of professional backgrounds. We’re active in our local communities because when communities bloom, businesses bloom. So how big are we? Well let's just say you’ll need 5 pizzas to feed us (and please, no pineapple).

2015 was an important year and lots of things happened: NASA confirmed water on Mars, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" premiered, "The Dress" viral debate split the internet. But you know what else happened? In 2015, we were founded and started our journey of becoming the leading JavaScript development studio.

We expertly plan and deliver projects.

Why work with us

We focus our studio on employees and delivering excellent products. We write code that's easy to read, easy to test and easy to maintain. No incomplete features, lousy QA, unnecessary meetings and roadblocks. We care about the project as much as you do. Our main goal is to improve a business with impeccable code and good processes, simple as that.

Wanna work with us? Awesome.

Maybe we’re a right fit, maybe we’re not. What we know is that you're probably interested in the same thing as we are — growing business. That’s how you found us. You already know that we're not an average bunch of developers. So feel free to ping us.

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