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We are Reactor Studio

Your strategic design and development partner

We shift focus from just adding features to building the right product with a solid strategy.

Our stats and achievements

Since 2015

9 years together

Our strong team cohesion, trust, mutual respect enabled us to prosper through the years, learning and growing from each experience.
More than your regular seniorS

20 domain experts

With +160 years of combined experience, we are a force to be reckoned with, carrying initiatives, empowering others for impact.
Best 50 of Central europe

Deloitte Fast 50

Recognised and awarded for our excellence and continuous significant impact to our partners businesses.

How we do it

Our approach is not rigid but dynamic, adapting to your unique needs. We listen, understand, and align with your vision and goals, crafting a flexible and customized plan to boost your business.
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Ivan Vuković
Partner & CTO @ Reactor Studio

For who?


We collaborate with you to understand your unique needs, offering insights, and practical solutions.


Large, established companies with complex organizational structures and a presence in multiple markets.

Industry Innovators

Businesses across various sectors that are leaders in adopting cutting-edge technologies and practices to set new industry standards.

Our Work

6 years of partnership with, leading European OTA

Providing meaningful impact on every step of the way to big companies like
Six years of strategic partnerships
Led over 60 people
Planned and delivered top initiatives
Ensured user and business improvements across the entire product

Geppetto: Your AI Pizza Troubleshooter

Empowering pizza perfection with AI. Our innovative web app assists pizza makers in troubleshooting common issues, demonstrating our expertise in practical AI solutions.

Exploring the Frontiers of AI

We explore and apply cutting-edge AI technologies like LLMs and RAGs, constantly learning and innovating to push the boundaries.
using and implementing advanced neural networks
enhancing responses with real-time, context-specific information retrieval

Our customers and partners

I’ve been working with Reactor Studio for the past 3 years and have consistently been impressed by their talented and professional team. Their expertise spans strategic planning, design, and data analysis, ensuring high-quality results. The team’s passion, reliability, and positive attitude always make collaboration a pleasure. I look forward to continuing our partnership for many years.
Krešimir Mudrovčić
Director of Product | Search & Booking Experience @
I’ve been working with Reactor on several IT projects. Their expertise and professionalism were evident throughout the development cycle, and we were very pleased with the final product. They are very flexible, precise with the estimations and able to promptly react to changes.
Ela Gregorova
Product Manager @


A person presenting to a large audience at a local meetup.
UX Research Zagreb
Group dedicated to the promotion of UX research and encouraging its development. Building a platform for sharing knowledge...
JavaScript Zagreb
Group dedicated to the promotion of UX research and encouraging its development. Building a platform for sharing knowledge...
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