We are a studio for agile development. By bringing transparent communication and picking the right tool for the job, we deliver substantial value to new or existing project.


We’re a JavaScript studio based in Zagreb, Croatia that transforms ideas into reality. Jam-packed with creatives of diverse professional backgrounds, we’re ready to solve problems — by paying great attention to detail and creating no technical debt. Not an average bunch of developers.


We can't stress enough how much constant improvement is important to us. Learning new skills and tackling challenges from different angles — this is mandatory. By putting emphasis on collaboration, we share our expertise with each other. The possibility to improve your business and ourselves drives us.


We’re proud of us not falling flat in knowledge management. Equipped with experience, we’re sharing it all. No more stumbling in the dark. Our studio is open, in every sense of the word. We’ll show you the ropes and you’ll master technology and clear up organizational issues in no time.